Parcel Delivery

Have your package picked up & dropped off without even picking up the phone

Yes, that's the Way2Go and that's why we avail our services for online ordering. We understand that time is valuable and have maximized on ways to save you and ourselves as much time as possible.

Click here to order our Parcel Delivery service and in a short time, your order will be confirmed by email and a driver dispatched at your requested time frame.

Unlike other delivery options, we've simplified the process and cut down on "usual expenses" in order to offer our convenient services for reasonable rates.

Variety of Multi-Size Units

Regardless of whether it's a container or furniture, we have access to many unit sizes.

Transportation Options

Way2Go provides transportation options to help you drop off/ pick up items.

Mailbox & Package Acceptance

We have moving supplies, free truck rentals, free mailbox and delivery acceptance.

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