Protec-Dip Body & Rims

High Quality Liquid Wrap aka "Dip"

Our high quality dip is more durable than vinyl & believe it or not, it's also cheaper

Though the material we use is commonly known as plasti-dip, we prefer to call our liquid wrap application 'Protec-Dip' since it's focused on protection as well as esthetics. Similar to painting, applying this material on the vehicle's body and/or rims requires a combination of expertise, high quality material & passion for the job. Our "Dippers" are experts on painting & polishing, which enabled them to be pioneers in the Dip industry, since its inception.
With hundreds of jobs under our belt, both in Alberta & Ontario, we are proud to have professionals who are equipped to provide mobile service (nation-wide) as long as a well-vented facility is available to perform the job.

  • Our experts are available nation-wide
  • Minimum of 6 layers of protection
  • Wide variety of colors & artwork options
  • Unlike paint/wrap, Protec-Dip is a 1 day job
  • Great discounts for yearly/ quartely clients
  • Works as alternative to 3M Paint Protection

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Considering the high volume during the winter season of 2016-2017, our Protec-Dip booking tool is currently disabled and requests will be handled manually by a Way2Go staff member. Please provide us with your contact details & we'll contact you to confirm bookings.

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    First Come - First Serve Basis

    Our facicilties handle higher volumes in the winter and therefore we recommend booking as early as possible.

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    Passionate | Insured | Experts

    Both mobile and on-site detailing jobs are handled with the highest levels of quality, while maintaining our promise of providing quick & friendly service.

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  • Our Promise

    We've chosen the detailing industry because of the crucial need for premium detailing at lower rates. We promise to:

    • Detail your car to the best condition possible
    • Offer regular members a discounted rate, for life
    • Treat your car as if it's our own & detail with passion