Passionately connecting empowering supporting local talents youth businesses around Calgary.

We are

Proudly Canadian

Our founders & all our staff are a part of the communities they work within.

Mostly Organized

Which gives us a smooth agenda that works with both our employees & clients.

Fully Sociable

Whether online or offline, don't hesitate to spark a conversation.

Always Working

Day or night, our team is always working on various jobs & projects.

Camera Friendly

Having a media production company within our group turned us all into camera geeks.

Customer Oriented

Regardless of which department, you'll always sense that customer-oriented approach.

Bundle Lovers

We believe the best value is in getting multiple services from 1 source. Bundle Up.


Regardless of whether on mobile or desktop, all Way2Go sites are designed with ease in mind.

By hiring & partnering with passionate individuals & organizations, we are able to offer our highly valuable services for amazingly affordable rates.
Many service providers make it easy to reach their sales department but not customer service, loyalty or even tech support. In plain English, they Hide from clients after selling them. Way2Go broke that norm by caring more about existing customers, which is only common sense.
At the rates we charge, other companies usually offer half of the service because they give you exactly what you pay for. It's a different case with Way2Go since we pay our employees the same wage regardless of the rate charged. This, we believe, is the best way to ensure consistent high quality.

It's Just The Way2Go

Proud to work with hundreds of small businesses & local clients all across the city

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